June 14, 2019

Another Eagleyada is behind us! ? As before, we experienced many great moments together this time. What we did this year? We spent five days on a co-working at the Polish seaside - in Gdansk Jelitkowo. For some of us, it was a first visit to Poland, because new Eagles from Russia recently joined Ksenia’s Team (we’re still growing - greetings Girls!) ?. The Polish sea and the beach were perfect for us - during the days we focused on work and trainings, and in the evenings we spent time on the beach or walked to Sopot. As we like to care about animals, we also decided to visit the local animal shelter, bringing some food and other necessary stuff for dogs and cats. After a week of co-working at the seaside, there was the time for integration in Kashubia - this is where our annual Eagleyada started! We began the weekend with a barbecue in the hotel’s garden, where we gathered strength for morning tasks. The next day, a number of integration games were waiting for us. We also created a chain reaction and you know what? It worked! All elements were combined - it was like a domino. ??⛳ You must see our video of this game! It was so great to these activities together after not seeing each other for a long time! This day gave us a real boost of positive energy. ?? The rest of the day was even better: delicious dinner, bowling, billiards, and disco party till the late night. It was a really great time - just look at our photos ? Thank you all dear Eagles for this flight! ?

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