October 04, 2019

For many people who care about animals, World Animal Day, 4 October, is a very important day each year - a day of action for animal rights and welfare. Eagle Eye has an animal in its name and logo - it means not only that we fly high, are strong and powerful. It also means that we care about animals. Last year our co-working team visited an animal shelter in Bieszczady mountains, offering their time and help. This year we supported an animal shelter in Sopot. More initiatives are welcome, so if you have an idea how we can support animals who need it, let us know and we will be happy to consider your proposition? On this special day, don't forget about your own pets too! ?????️????‍? Maybe some special delicacies? Or at least more hugs and kisses than usually? ? We're sure they will appreciate it! We want to present you a special photo collage with our beloved pets who belong to Eagle Eye family.

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