March 27, 2020

Dear friends, Eagle Eye celebrated its 10th anniversary this week and we feel very lucky to be able to look at the next decade with a positive attitude, even in the market as difficult as it is today. Our company is fully remote which is a very unique business model in the industry and we are happy to share our know-how with both, candidates and clients who might be struggling in these difficult times. All our employees are happy to consult and assist in a wide variety of business or job-related queries. If you are a job seeker at risk of losing a job or a manager of an IT team or project where implementing cost-effective methods can provide more safety for your workers or the whole company, please do not hesitate to contact us using the company website, emails provided there or by contacting us over the phone or via social media. We have many different solutions and success stories so if you feel anxious or simply want to be prepared for what might come in the following months do not hesitate to contact us. Many people wait for their businesses to react but being in control of the situation and proactive research of the market before a recession hits the businesses with full power is probably a better solution so having a chat and consulting your approach could be the right thing to do now. As we have been working from home using conference and video calls for the last 10 years we can communicate with you safely and don’t expect any immediate commitment in return. We are hoping to do market research, prepare our network for the difficult economic situation by sharing our market knowledge and contacts only in those cases where both parties will feel comfortable and see a benefit from such cooperation and at the right time. Let’s hope the spread of the virus will slow down very soon and try not to panic about the future. The world we have known will change and adapt but acts of solidarity and teamwork are the signs, that we can all learn from this and make the world an even better place. Be safe and take care! Miroslaw Labuda Managing Director

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