April 28, 2021

Not every goal can be achieved in one day, but if we make them SMART you can strengthen your chances. How to make your goals SMART? Try to ask yourself the questions below. Specific: ✅ Who: Who is engaged in it? ✅ What: What exactly you want to achieve? ✅ Where: Where you can accomplish your goal? (work example: Linkedin). ✅ When: When o you want to achieve it? ✅ Why: What is your motivation. Measurable: ✅ How many/how much? ✅ How will I know if the goal is achieved? ✅ How am I going to measure the progress? Achievable; ✅ Can I achieve it? What are my or other experiences? Realistic: ✅ Is it possible to achieve it with the resources I have? ✅ Are you confident and committed? Timely: ✅ What is your deadline in which you want your goal to be achieved? By answering these questions and implementing SMART methodology you have a better chance to accomplish your goals. Good luck!

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