March 24, 2022

The work-life balance is a key pillar of Eagle Eye. We believe that with flexible hours and completely remote work, which we have been practicing for 12 years now, we are able to take care of our private life, pursue our hobbies, travel, and at the same time, gradually fulfill ourselves in our jobs. The productivity and effects of our projects clearly show that our team consists of the best talents on a market. What is more, we like what we do! ? Following the trends and taking care of our needs, this year we decided to reduce the weekly workload to 38 hours. Each of our weekends starts two hours earlier. We are also preparing for further work improvement in strategic terms. Stay tuned, we will keep you updated about the effects.✍️ #RemoteWork #WorkingRemotely #WeAreEagles #CareerGoals #Trends2022 #WorkLifeBalance #Recruiting #Passion #EagleEyeFamily #Productivity #NewReality #NewPost

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