October 25, 2018

Few months ago we have introduced our unique, brand new employee experience program called “Wings” to the team ? It’s main purpose is to enhance our workplace by creating more face to face interactions between employees and building long lasting bonds. Since we work fully remote, it was quite a challenge! “Wings” program created opportunities to spend more time together, but also to take our teamwork and energy to do something good for the World through charity projects ? We want to GIVE more to those who need us! Our first “Wings” initiative was organising a co-working trip to Bieszczady mountains ?️ 5 brave Eagles worked together, organized a fundraiser, visited a dog shelter to bring them some goodies and spend some quality time with our poor, furry friends ? Later they climbed the Tarnica peak and took a very cool photo under the stars in Poland’s best spot to watch the sky at night! ? It was an initiative that came from the team. They wanted to do it and our program gave them some tools to make it happen. We are super proud of Paulina, Ania, Iwona, Bożena i Mateusz - you guys ROCK! ? We are very happy to support more “Wings” events in the future. ? For some awesome insights and even more pictures, check out Iwona's article about the trip: https://mailchi.mp/a7fab7db5e68/bieszczady-mountains and Paulina's article about visit to the Wesoły Kundelek shelter: https://mailchi.mp/21d69692fd63/a-visit-to-the-wesoy-kundelekshelter. Enjoy!

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