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Eagle Eye was incorporated in London, in 2010, in the fully remote model. Since then, we have proved to ourselves and our clients that a virtual environment team is able to provide the same quality of service as locally operating teams. An additional benefit of a better balance between private and professional life was one of the pillars contributing to our development and attracting high-class recruitment industry specialists. Personalized training, co-working and integration meetings, access to the best cloud-based tools, as well as mentoring are essential and of key importance for success in the remote work model.

The lock-down related situation of companies resulted in limited access to the office and triggered off generational changes on the labor market. The IT industry has always been and continues to be one of the most dynamically developing areas of the economy and has quickly adapted to the specifics of the new times. A more flexible approach to remote work with employers has been appreciated by IT industry specialists and the Monday to Friday office work is no longer a standard.

The world has never been smaller, and candidates and employees quickly adjusted to the new reality. We are happy to observe such a major shift in the staffing industry and feel confident in our ability to advise and deliver the best IT talents from the global pool of candidates to clients globally. Our competences and skills perfectly fit into the current recruitment trends. We are proud to be part of the remote working revolution.

With development of technologies, cloud computing, security tools, time and project management applications we have a completely different working environment now.

This is the moment, where our company can become an asset to your organisation and speed up the process of hiring, especially where the virtual teams can do the job cheaper and with a much faster responsiveness to business needs. Remotely managed teams are more agile, quite often happier and with a lower turnover of staff compared to a typical office based job scenario.

There are no geographical limitations and the pool of talent at your disposal becomes better and cheaper. It is also a much more crisis proof scenario where the employer can react and change the set up.

Our recent survey of IT professionals provided an interesting analysis of the candidates preferences. The bigger the distance from the office the more likely it is for an IT consultant to be interested or already working in the partially or fully remote working scenarios.

They are also more likely to opt for choosing similar offers in the future and rarely decide to go back to a fully office based or mobile positions if they have a choice. They are often willing to compromise their salary conditions for a better work-life balance and apart from traveling expenses or time spent commuting they also mention better efficiency or even things like access go home made quality of meals (especially vegetarian or vegan people).

According to the survey results, these are the most common jobs suitable for partially or fully remote scenario:
Frontend Developer, Ruby Developer , Java Developer, .Net Developer, ABAP Developer, BI Developer, Hybris Developer, QA Engineer, IT Support, System Administrator / System Engineer, Database Administrator / Database Developer, SEO Specialist, Android Developer, iOS Developer, DevOps Engineer, Game Designer and many others.
As a company without any geographical limitations working on international markets on a daily basis Eagle Eye is confident to be able to provide bespoke solutions to almost every staffing need our clients might have.

To find out more about our expertise, to ask questions about our services or to connect with one of our internationally experienced representatives, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our specialists in setting up remote teams.

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