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May 10, 2021

Spring cleaners get their wish granted each year when National Clean Up Your Room Day arrives on May 10th. It promotes clean rooms and homes and encourages people to collect their favorite cleaning supplies, roll up their sleeves, and make everything shine. Having a clean space also helps improve your work environment and enhances your organization skills. You are able to focus on different projects, avoid the distractions, balance your tasks and make the most of them in your prime time, so when you have the most energy. A clean room allows you to have a cleaner, positive mindset and improves your health! Studies have shown that the people with the cleanest rooms tend to be the healthiest and most active due to their ability to fit exercise into their schedules. On the other hand, cluttered spaces increase stress and anxiety. Here are some tips from us how to organize you workspace in your home: ? Home office should be preferably in a separate room, especially not connected with your relaxation or sleep. ? In front of your workplace should be something that will not distracting you. You don’t want to worry about doing the dishes while working on a project. ? Place a trash can by your desk. ? Corral your cables. ? Use storage boxes and containers for your documents and files. ? Put all of your office equipment in a jar. ? De-clutter and organize your laptop/desktop. ? Put inspirational notes around you. ? Decorate your desk. Tidy up your room not because you have to, but because it will make you a happier person! READ MORE

May 05, 2021

On our last Recruitment Talk we focused on our communication skills. The most important and often discussed is active listening. We would like to share with you some tips! ✅ Focus fully on the speaker. If you find it really difficult, try repeating their words over in your head – it’ll reinforce their message and help you stay focused. ✅ Show your interest. Nod, smile, make sure your posture is inviting, encouraging. ✅ Provide feedback. Summarize. Repeat. You can paraphrase, ask questions to clarify or confirm the message. ✅ Hear the emotion behind the words. Paying attention to the body language, tone of voice, using the knowledge of the other person can help you notice, the emotions, which are not often spoken with words. ✅ Don’t interrupt. To know how to respond is to know all, what the other person wants to say. It is also showing a respect to your interlocutor. ✅ The importance of the other person. If you concentrate on how to respond and what to say next, you will miss what the other person is talking to you. ✅ Right ear phenomena. The left side of the brain contains the primary processing centers for both speech comprehension and emotions. Since the left side of the brain is connected to the right side of the body, favoring your right ear can help you better detect the emotional nuances of what someone is saying. ✅ Try to set aside judgment. Set aside your judgment, criticism and your own experience in order to fully understand and be more objective to the subject. Do you find these tips useful? Can you address them in your work or life? #recruitmenttalk READ MORE

March 27, 2020

Dear friends, Eagle Eye celebrated its 10th anniversary this week and we feel very lucky to be able to look at the next decade with a positive attitude, even in the market as difficult as it is today. Our company is fully remote which is a very unique business model in the industry and we are happy to share our know-how with both, candidates and clients who might be struggling in these difficult times. All our employees are happy to consult and assist in a wide variety of business or job-related queries. If you are a job seeker at risk of losing a job or a manager of an IT team or project where implementing cost-effective methods can provide more safety for your workers or the whole company, please do not hesitate to contact us using the company website, emails provided there or by contacting us over the phone or via social media. We have many different solutions and success stories so if you feel anxious or simply want to be prepared for what might come in the following months do not hesitate to contact us. Many people wait for their businesses to react but being in control of the situation and proactive research of the market before a recession hits the businesses with full power is probably a better solution so having a chat and consulting your approach could be the right thing to do now. As we have been working from home using conference and video calls for the last 10 years we can communicate with you safely and don’t expect any immediate commitment in return. We are hoping to do market research, prepare our network for the difficult economic situation by sharing our market knowledge and contacts only in those cases where both parties will feel comfortable and see a benefit from such cooperation and at the right time. Let’s hope the spread of the virus will slow down very soon and try not to panic about the future. The world we have known will change and adapt but acts of solidarity and teamwork are the signs, that we can all learn from this and make the world an even better place. Be safe and take care! Miroslaw Labuda Managing Director READ MORE

June 14, 2019

Another Eagleyada is behind us! ? As before, we experienced many great moments together this time. What we did this year? We spent five days on a co-working at the Polish seaside - in Gdansk Jelitkowo. For some of us, it was a first visit to Poland, because new Eagles from Russia recently joined Ksenia’s Team (we’re still growing - greetings Girls!) ?. The Polish sea and the beach were perfect for us - during the days we focused on work and trainings, and in the evenings we spent time on the beach or walked to Sopot. As we like to care about animals, we also decided to visit the local animal shelter, bringing some food and other necessary stuff for dogs and cats. After a week of co-working at the seaside, there was the time for integration in Kashubia - this is where our annual Eagleyada started! We began the weekend with a barbecue in the hotel’s garden, where we gathered strength for morning tasks. The next day, a number of integration games were waiting for us. We also created a chain reaction and you know what? It worked! All elements were combined - it was like a domino. ??⛳ You must see our video of this game! It was so great to these activities together after not seeing each other for a long time! This day gave us a real boost of positive energy. ?? The rest of the day was even better: delicious dinner, bowling, billiards, and disco party till the late night. It was a really great time - just look at our photos ? Thank you all dear Eagles for this flight! ? READ MORE

January 11, 2019

We have 11th of January - time flies so fast! At the beginning of the month, everyone sums up the previous year and plans to act on a new one. We can’t wait face all the challenges head-on! ? In 2018, much has changed at Eagle Eye. We invited new Eagles to our nest. We received a grant for the development of the our company, and also created the Wings program for our herd to enjoy. Thanks to the Wings, some of us went on coworking in Bieszczady. We took part in the independence day run. But our greatest team success was making kilometers, A LOT of them. Why? Throughout the autumn, until the begging December, we collected kilometers in the Endomondo application. We walked, ran, biked and skateboarded. Our plan was to collect as many kilometers as possible, and thus as much money as possible for a noble purpose. We did it! We have collected over PLN 2 000! ? ? We chose Szlachetna Paczka charity with an unusual family from Gdańsk to allocate gathered budget. During the winter meeting, all the Eagles gathered and bought items from the list from the family. The list was quite long, but you know what was the most amazing thing? Thanks to the Eagles we managed to buy everything and much more! Mrs Wioletta and her kids received the most necessary items - a wardrobe, a desk, cosmetics, clothes and also Christmas presents. It was beautiful to do something so good with wonderful people ♥ Take a look at our pictures. We would like to thank all the Eagles for their commitment to this great initiative. We promise that this year we will be active as well. Good year for everyone! READ MORE

October 25, 2018

Few months ago we have introduced our unique, brand new employee experience program called “Wings” to the team ? It’s main purpose is to enhance our workplace by creating more face to face interactions between employees and building long lasting bonds. Since we work fully remote, it was quite a challenge! “Wings” program created opportunities to spend more time together, but also to take our teamwork and energy to do something good for the World through charity projects ? We want to GIVE more to those who need us! Our first “Wings” initiative was organising a co-working trip to Bieszczady mountains ?️ 5 brave Eagles worked together, organized a fundraiser, visited a dog shelter to bring them some goodies and spend some quality time with our poor, furry friends ? Later they climbed the Tarnica peak and took a very cool photo under the stars in Poland’s best spot to watch the sky at night! ? It was an initiative that came from the team. They wanted to do it and our program gave them some tools to make it happen. We are super proud of Paulina, Ania, Iwona, Bożena i Mateusz - you guys ROCK! ? We are very happy to support more “Wings” events in the future. ? For some awesome insights and even more pictures, check out Iwona's article about the trip: https://mailchi.mp/a7fab7db5e68/bieszczady-mountains and Paulina's article about visit to the Wesoły Kundelek shelter: https://mailchi.mp/21d69692fd63/a-visit-to-the-wesoy-kundelekshelter. Enjoy! READ MORE

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