May 20, 2021

The pandemic situation changed not only the job market, but also our family situation. Most of us have seen our typical routines turned upside down and we needed to adapt to the new realities. Below, there is a list of ideas / strategies that you can consider to make your everyday routines easier, as a parent or not. ? ? Being gracious with yourself and your colleagues. Try not to put any pressure on yourself and your kids. It’s not easy for a toddler to be quiet on command. The meetings are attended by other parents and colleagues who understand the current situation. ? Taking care of your workspace. It is important to have a separate space which will draw a line between your work and private life. If you are not able to have a separate room, you can create your own “working corner”. For other family members, this can be an area where they allow you to work without distraction. As a visual sign of your need to be focused, you can use headphones, which can also mute the noise. ? Communicating. Discussing with your family your daily schedule can be crucial, as much as adjusting your work schedule to your family duties. ? Support group. There are parents in the company, or parents in groups on social media, who gladly share their experiences and become a support to each other. ? Taking care of yourself. Don’t forget about yourself while taking care of your work and family. Finding yourself some “time alone” to listen to your favorite music or read a book is good for your mental balance. ? Allowing your kids to make choices. You can create a list of activities to keep your child busy when he/she is bored. At the end of the list, you can always put “cleaning”, as it is possible that they will not want to go as far as the last one. ? Recognizing new opportunities. For example: Spending less time on commuting. Better relationship with your family members. Enhancing your organizational skills. The global pandemic can be recognized as a defining moment on children and our character-building journey. Let’s make the best of it! ? Picture: Rob Tornoe's coronavirus cartoon for Thursday, March 20. Rob Tornoe / Staff

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