March 01, 2021

Being motivated is not always easy, sometimes on a rainy or snowy day, we may feel like staying in bed. What to do then? Eagles have a bunch of ideas how to raise your mood! Hope, you will find some of the suggestions interesting and after using them, you will be as motivated to work as we are! :) 1. Sun exchanger. ☀️? Try to eat fruit and veggies with vitamin C and D, or drink a glass of water with lemon every day. 2. Training. Exercise. Stretching. Yoga. Walk around the house or... desk even if you are working remotely, each time your body moves, you get an energy boost. 3. Meditate. 4. Make sure to spend a portion of your day in the fresh air. 5. Change your work place when you feel you are losing the energy to work. 6. Laugh! Good humor always helps. ? 7. Have cold showers instead of hot ones. 8. Sing at aloud. Do not be shy! Everyone can sing ? 9. Smell a lemon. 10. Listen to some energetic music. 11. Sit up straight. 12. Organize your time smartly - time management is everything! Did you like this list? Please let us know ☀️

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