November 08, 2021

The theme of this year’s World Quality Week is "Sustainability: improving our products, people and planet". The definition of sustainability according to the Brundtland Commission on Environment and Development is "meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs". How has Eagle Eye been fulfilling it since the beginning of its activity? People‍. ?‍♀️ 1. Allowing longevity of career in recruitment, in a business model providing the best possible work-life balance. 2. Looking after its employees’ well-being in both financial and mental areas of life. We do that by providing a very attractive system of benefits, personal development training and by funding other activities to support employees’ passions. Products. ?️ 1. Creating an environment with cloud-based tools needed for a home office set-up. 2. Full digitalization of our archives and contracts with limited usage of paper. Planet. ? 1. Educating our associates about ecology awareness, including: cleaning your neighborhood, seeding trees, plants, feeding and watering stray animals, re-using and saving water, saving electricity and food. 2. Cutting down gas emissions (there is no need to travel to the office), and flexibility about working from any location in the world. Sustainability ideas are close to our hearts and we support all activities which have the potential to improve a healthy relationship we should all have with our planet. #QualityInEverythingWeDo #WorkLifeBalance #EagleEyeGreen #WeAreEagles #WorldQualityWeek

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