September 21, 2021

#Remotework has many benefits in our lives. We are able to travel and work at the same time, live in different parts of the world and choose our perfect place to finally call it home, or be the unstoppable nomad with a backpack, discovering new places all the time. Eagles’ #worklifebalance is kept at a very high level. We are able to plan our days on our own, fulfill our duties, and in the meantime, have some time for our families and hobbies. We are aware that it’s not easy to keep the work-life balance, especially if you both work and travel and you do not stay longer at any destination. What are the main tips from the digital nomads to overcome challenges and make both your remote work and private life a success? • Digital nomad hubs Some cities around the world that are particularly attractive to digital nomads have become digital nomad hubs. Typically, these are cities with a relatively low cost of living and nice weather. If you travel to digital nomad hubs, you can easily find fellow nomads there and have a community of like-minded people around you. • Try joining the community groups on FB or other social media apps to connect with locals, expats and others who also work remotely. You can share your ideas and inspirations, and connect with each other and boost your social life. Meeting new people is one of the greatest parts of travelling. • Prepare yourself for hard work to fulfill your duties before the deadlines arrive, so you can have a clear mind to enjoy your stay and discover new places after you’re done with your tasks. • Travel slowly. Consider spending weeks, or months, in one place. • Look for co-workings with people working remotely in your area. There are many announcements, mostly on the groups of #digitalnomads, where you can find offers for renting a space together, joining a group who has already created a work space, you will not only work, but also get to know each other and spend your free time and breaks in the company of different people. • Virtual support group. If you want to overcome some challenges on your way, find a group with people with similar objectives to keep yourself motivated and share your know-how as well. • Check the Wi-Fi – obvious, but important detail for all digital nomads. Besides, when checking the internet connection, remember about internet safety and use a reliable VPN to protect your data. • Noise-canceling headphones – for you to keep you focused and avoid distractions and for the quality of your calls / video calls with clients or co-workers. • Check the time zone you are currently in to avoid being late for your meetings. Draw a line to maintain work-life balance. As much as you can easily forget about your tasks at work, you can also forget to log off from your work after hours. It is important to draw a line in your daily schedule between your personal and work life.☯️

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