November 20, 2018

Do you know that our company has a sport group - Eagle Eye Sports Squad? Yes, it was recently founded, but it has already achieved first success. On the 11th of November, Sports Squad took part in a first big event - Independence Run ?‍♂️We had two groups in two different locations - our Eagles Karina and Natalia in Gdynia, Mateusz and Sebastian in Łódź. Girls had a harder task, because the distance in Gdynia was longer - 10 kilometers. But 5 km in Łódź was also not an easy mission – boys were running around the park on an unpaved path ? We are proud of them! ?? For this run and future events, we prepared special white sport T-shirts (many thanks to COMON Digital for the project). You can say what you think about them ? Our runners think that the golden wings printed on the shirts made them fly towards the finish line ?

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