March 09, 2022

What does successful co-working mean to you? As a fully remote company, we practice and appreciate our co-working events in many ways. Firstly, we use this opportunity to: ✅ share our knowledge about recruitment skills, ✅ exchange IT job market information, ✅ improve time and energy management techniques in order to organize a working day better, ✅ discuss the best way of prioritizing responsibilities, ✅ talk about stress relief methods, ✅ share our work and life experiences. Being able to spend time together also allows us to have fun during multiple activities, such as horse riding, carting, bowling, or simply having a dinner together. It helps building friendships and positive atmosphere, gives us energy to work more efficiently and boosts our creativity. After every co-working, you can see smiles on the participants’ faces and it is always the best feedback, we can get. #Portugal2021 #eagleeyestaffing

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